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Lean-To Consulting, LLC  2014 

* We base our bids on specific scope, risk and duration of the job.

Standard Pricing*



Overall planning, coordination and control of a project through all five phases as defined by PMI; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Control and Closing.  Responsible for budget and cost/schedule execution. Where these phases include the conceptual design / initial assessment of alternatives, detailed design work, design reviews, constructability reviews, hazard reviews, implementing the build and all documentation for close-out. Including but not limited to working with project planners, schedulers and cost tacking professionals, communication with Management Team, communication and overall direction of Engineering, technical staff, and Construction team, establishing and enforcing safety culture on the job site, ensuring documentation and drawings are complete and reporting requirements.

Project Management – Lite fees to apply where work contains some but not all components of traditional project management scope and responsibilities.